SEYFO L’ELIMINATION is a film on a forgotten tragedy of the 20th century. This 52 min. documentary by Robert Alaux and Nahro Beth Kinne describes the slaughters of the Syriac Christians holding the names of Syriacs, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Suryoyo, Suroyo, Jacobites, Nestorians etc… but belonging to the same culture and using the same liturgical language descended from old Aramaic.

In 1915-1917, in the East of actual Turkey, these slaughters turned into a real genocide together with the Armenians. In Hakkari, next to Iran, their extinction was total and conclusive. In Tur Abdin, the ‘mountain of worshipers of God’, next to actual Syria, they were exterminated even if they had no political activities. All along the 20th century the survivors have been the victims of bad treatments and fled to Western countries. Only a handful of them remain in modern Turkey which continues to deny its guilt.

Several characters appear in this documentary:

- Sebastien de Courtois, Specialist and writer (‘the forgotten genocide’…),
- Sabri Atman, Assyrian-Syriac born in Tur Abdin. He struggles for the public recognition of this genocide,
- Two witnesses of the genocide
- Bishops and priests of the Syriac Orthodox Church
- Nahro Beth-Kinne. He is Assyrian-Syriac born in Tur Abdin (South-East of Turkey) and now lives in Belgium

The movie only exist in French and Western Syriac (Turoyo).